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Book Review: Mending (This Trilogy #2)

Author: J.B. McGee
Publshed: December 18, 2012

Summary:  Gabby has finally started to break down the walls she has worked so hard to build up from all of the heartache she has felt through the years, just as ghosts from Bradley's past begin to show themselves. Will Gabby find healthy ways to cope with the new heartache she experiences or will she go back to running from the people who pose a risk of hurting her? - Goodreads

Review:  The first chapter grabbed my attention right away!  I thought Gabby and Bradley were about to sleep together, but boy was I wrong!  The second chapter had me reading like my life depended on it!  Again, I love the smooth transitions of how the story was told in past to present, and the view points from the characters.  I have to admit, I love her relationship with her older sister, Sam.  I always wanted a sister, so I am green with envy with their close relationship.  Sam protects her, but not in a motherly way.  She lets Gabby make her own decisions and mistakes.  I love how Bradley introduced her to his friend, Ryan.  She deserves a fairytale ending too.

Unlike the first book, I wasn't as annoyed with Gabby.  I felt bad for the young woman! I would have reacted the same way as she did if I saw my boyfriend's ex-lover kissing his cheek, then tell me his ex-lover was pregnant!  Uh, Gabby had every right to be upset and put some distance between herself and Bradley.  I was glad he followed her home and kicked Ian's ass though.  He was annoying since the first book.  Also, I hope Lindsey sees how happy Gabby is with Bradley in the next book!  Such a bitch! Anyways, I couldn't stop reading this book!  I was so happy when I saw it was longer than the first book!  The ending had me smiling, but I was hoping for a little bit more.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the ending of this book, but it seemed a bit too rushed for me.  J.B., I hope Gabby and Bradley's love scene is steamy in the next book! I honestly can't wait to see who the Father of the baby is, and how everything pans out.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Book Review: Broken (This Trilogy #1)

Author: J.B. McGee
Pages: 143
Published: September 28, 2012

Summary:  Gabby's life has been anything but easy. She is surrounded by friends who seem to have everything she doesn't: money, social standing, and happily married parents. While dealing with the loss of her mother, she experiences her first heartbreak. She commits herself to her studies and runs away from any emotions that aren't safe. Bradley Banks, a confident CEO and commercial architect, who has long time commitment issues forces Gabby to feel again, but will he be her next heartbreak? - Goodreads

Review:  I'm actually surprised that I enjoyed this book! I enjoyed the transitions from past to present.  I thought it was going to be confusing, but the transitions were written smoothly.  

So, besides the fact that Gabby was annoying at times, I thought this book was decent.  Bradley was hooked as soon as he laid eyes on little Miss Gabby.  Oh boy, she didn't know what was comin' for her when she locked eyes on Bradley Banks.  I know Gabby is younger than Bradley, so she can't help but act a bit immature towards him.  I was honestly squirming in my chair when she cried in front of him and told him she was a virgin.  Come on! All he wanted was a dance! Poor guy, hahaa! Well, whatever, it seems like her little episode got her a date with the man.  I'm not going to lie.  I thought it was pretty hot when he kissed her on the dance floor.  Gabby's character kind of reminded me of another character in a book trilogy I recently read- The Summer I Turned Pretty, by Jenny Han.  Gabby and Isabel "Belly" Conkin were both emotional and yet caved to everything their men had them do.  I'm not sure how I can explain it, but their characters just seem to compare to one another.

I was pretty upset at the ending of this book.  I wish it were a bit longer!  

Book Review: Fastball (Philadelphia Patriots #1)

Author: V.K. Sykes
Published: March 2012

Summary: Baseball reporter Maddie Leclair has spent years chasing her dream job—covering the major league team, the Philadelphia Patriots. Now that she’s landed the assignment she intends to make it big, with feature articles on the front page of every sports section in the country. But to do that, she needs to score an interview with the most private and elusive athlete in baseball, Patriots’ superstar Jake Miller.

On the rebound from a devastating injury that knocked him out of play for a season, Jake has a lot to prove to the suits in the head office. He’s sure he still has what it takes to win, and he’ll be damned if he lets anything get in the way of his climb back to the top of the charts.

The last thing Jake needs is a pushy female reporter distracting him. But one look at Maddie and he knows he’s in trouble. He finds himself trying for a different kind of play, one that involves bedrooms and not baseball stats. Sleeping together could damage both their careers, and Maddie is all about saying no. But when it comes to the game of love, Jake is playing to win. - Goodreads

Review:  First off, I was wondering why this book has a later published date than book #2?  Typo? Hmm....? Anyway...

A few days ago, I was on Amazon, and bought, Hardball (Philidelphia Patriots #2), and really enjoyed it.  When I found out there was a book 1, I immediately purchased it on Amazon.  This story was interesting, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I had hoped.  I felt like there was something lacking.  Possibly the romance?  I mean, there's no doubt that Maddie & Jake had "chemistry," (or a chemical reaction, hehee) but I felt like it lacked romance between the two leads.  I did enjoy the scene at the golf tournament, but I wish the author gave us more romance and dialogue between the two.  

The ending of this book is what annoyed me.  It was a little too cliche being taken by the bookie to the Italian District.  Also, really? Two superstar baseball players taking on a bookie and his bodyguard?  They all would have been murdered if that happened in an area where gangsters and mobs hung out.

Another thing that annoyed me was when Maddie was going to talk to her Editor about the whole Jake and Robbie situation.  Really, Maddie!? Why the heck would you risk YOUR life and Jake's life?!  I know it was because of ethics, but come on!  She should have just told Robbie to deal with his own shit and not take Jake down with him.  Now, I understand where Jake was coming from in all this.  He wanted to help out a friend.  Anyone, even Nate, would have given the money to Robbie.  He should have had his lawyers draw up some legal documents and then keep everything hush hush.  I must admit, Jake was naive when it came to Robbie, so I'm glad Maddie told him Robbie was using him.  I'm glad she stuck up for her man, but threatening to go to her editor and write about Robbie and Nazarian was just stupid as fuck.

I know it seems like I hated the book, but in all honesty, I didn't.  I enjoyed the middle of the book, up until the end.  The epilogue was cute, and I wish the readers got more insight on how the management dealt with their relationship, and how they fought to keep their jobs without letting go of one another.

If you're into stories about athletes and women, I'd recommend this book, but if you're looking for a good story line, I wouldn't.  Between this book and Hardball, I'd definitely recommend Hardball.

Book Review: Fight With Me (With Me in Seattle #2)

Author: Kristen Proby
Published: January 4, 2013
Summary: Jules Montgomery is too busy and content with her life to worry about a man, especially one Nate McKenna. If growing up with four brothers has taught her anything, she knows to stay away from sexy men with tattoos and motorcycles. That goes double if he's your boss. During the one incredible night they shared, he violated the no fraternization policy...among other things, and it won't happen again. Jules won't risk her career for mind-blowing sex, no matter how much her body and her damn heart keep arguing with her. 

Nate McKenna could give a shit about the no fraternizing policy. He wants Jules and he'll have her. The rules could bend around them, or be damned. He's not a man to be taken lightly, and Jules Montgomery is about to find out just how he responds to being pushed aside after the best night of sex he's ever had. She can fight all she wants, but he'll have her in his bed in the end.

FIGHT WITH ME is the second novel in the With Me In Seattle Series.- Goodreads

Review: HOT! HOT! HOT!  This book started off with him wanting to spend the entire weekend with him to, "get to know each other."  Nate, the leading man, told Jules, the leading woman, that they didn't have to have sex if she didn't want to.  He just simply wanted to get to know her better. UH, YEA RIGHT!  In, Come Away With Me (With Me in Seattle #1), they slept together and she left him before he woke in the morning.  Instead of dealing with him at work, she took some vacation time and worked from home for a week.  After a few months, Jules invited Nate out on a double date with Luke and Nat.  You'd think the two would continue to date after that, seeing as they had chemistry, but nope!  Because Nate was her boss, and the company had a no fraternizing with the boss policy, Jules had to stop seeing Nate.  Fast forward to eight months later, and they begin their, "relationship."  The reason I used quotation marks around, "relationship," is because I felt like they didn't really get know each other.  All they did was have sex.  After reading two pages, there was a steamy sex scene.  Having a lot of sex isn't bad, but I just wish there was more of a storyline where we actually see them get to know each other.  I feel like their relationship was based on sex.  

Nate's neanderthal ways drove me nuts a few times.  When he told Jules she couldn't pose for Playboy had me wanting to slap him!  He didn't even give her the benefit of the doubt before she went apeshit.  But then again, she did the same towards the end of the novel when their co-workers found out about them.  I felt like He was too overbearing with her.  As I was reading, I couldn't help but feel suffocated by him. 

At the end, when Jules got upset at Nate for not sticking up for her and their relationship to his partners, I felt for her.  She needed to get away from him and think about what he had done.  If he had just told her everything that happened in the meeting, that would've saved them the trouble of having the big fight.  Then again, we wouldn't have been introduced to Meg ;)

All in all, I enjoyed this book.  Kristen Proby is amazing! I can't wait till March!!!!!  After reading the first book of this series, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the second book!  Thank God for Isaac and Stacy's Novella! If that didn't come out, I would have gone crazy, hahaa!  

This book series has definitely captured my attention.  I can't wait for Will and Meg' story in March! I'm counting down the days, Kristen!

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Book Review: Come Away With Me (With Me in Seattle #1)

Author: Kristen Probst
Pages: 324
Published: November 7, 2012

Summary: Being confronted on the beach by a sexy stranger wasn't part of Natalie Conner's plans for a peaceful morning taking photos. And why on earth would he think she's taking pictures of him, anyway? Who is he? One thing’s for sure, he’s hot, and incredibly romantic, feeding Natalie’s wounded soul.

Luke Williams just wants the world to give him a break, so seeing yet another camera aimed at his face has him ready to pounce on the beauty behind the lens. When he finds out she has no idea who he is, he's intrigued and more than a little tempted by her. Natalie has a body made for sex, a sassy mouth and Luke can’t get enough of her, but he’s not ready to tell her who he really his.

Natalie is a no nonsense girl who doesn’t do well with lies and secrets. What will happen to this new relationship when she discovers what Luke’s hiding? - Goodreads

I want to mention that I read this book last December, and could not wait to get my little hands on, Fight With Me (With Me in Seattle #2).  So, before I give my review on Fight With Me (With Me in Seattle #2), I thought it'd be fitting if I talked about, Come Away With Me (With Me in Seattle #1) first.

First off, I have to get this out of the way.  How can you NOT recognize the male lead actor from an internationally known vampire-esque movie?!  I know he's (Luke) been out of the public eye for a few years, but I find that detail hard to accept.  In real life, if you put any hot-blooded woman within 30ft of Robert Pattinson, she would be able to recognize him in an instant!  Okay, with that out of the way, let's get down to business.  So, when Nat finds out who he is, she nearly goes ape-shit on him!  He technically didn't lie to her, but he definitely should have told her who he was.  Nat shouldn't have accused him of lying.  I don't get how she goes from 0-60 in 5 seconds!  That was a bit too much. 

Natalie, has a tragic past and is currently living her life looking for someone to love her.  When she meets Luke, not only does she lose all inhibition, but she looses herself too.  I love Natalie.  When she lost her parents, her best friend forever, Jules, and Jules's entire family accepted her into their family and made her one of theirs.  That storyline melted my little black heart, but also broke my heart.  After celebrating Nat's birthday, it made me want to be part of the Montgomery clan!  So, Luke.  Luke is the story's version of, Robert Pattinson.  He decided to quit acting after a terrible accident, and has been in hiding from the paparazzi since.  Luke's character finds himself falling in love with Nat, and the two of them start a relationship.  I found their relationship to blossom a bit too fast.  I wanted to see Luke court her, and work his way up.

There were definitely more pros than cons in this book.  Not only did Nat and Luke capture my heart, but the entire Montgomery & Williams family did as well.

Book Review: Hardball (Philadelphia Patriots #2)

Author: V.K. Sykes
Pages: 275
Published: June 14, 2011

Summary: After years of hard work and keeping her nose firmly to the grindstone, Dr. Holly Bell has finally achieved her dream: a position as a pediatric surgeon at a prestigious teaching hospital. Children’s lives rest in her skilled hands. That means total dedication to her work and her patients without letting anything or anyone get in the way. And a hot affair with a superstar athlete is most definitely getting in Holly’s way.

Nate Carter, star pitcher for the Philadelphia Patriots, has the world in the palm of his baseball glove. He’s at the height of his game, a west coast team is about to lure him with even greater riches, and the most gorgeous women in town are in full pursuit. Nate has everything he wants, or at least he thinks he does, until he meets the beautiful and brainy Dr. Holly Bell. He’s totally up for a hot affair, and Holly turns out to be the hottest.

But will Holly be willing to play his game? When the lovely doctor starts changing the rules, Nate realizes he just might be playing for keeps.

Review: I got this book because it was for free in the Kindle store, and the cover had me intrigued.  One of my weaknesses in life are male athletes with broad shoulders;). The beginning of the book had me bored.  All the medical terminology and her rambling about the red dots in the hospital had me yawning.  When the story picked up, I was hooked.  

Dr. Holly Bell seemed like a badass peds surgeon on the outside, but really, she's just like any other female in her 30's waiting for her Prince Charming.  She wanted to be loved and love in return.  Nate Carter. Nate, Nate, Nate! Nate is your typical playboy, man-whore athlete who, like most men out there, has fear of commitment.  Little does the public know that Nate is actually a closet antique show fan who loves to spend his time at the Philadelphia Children's Hospital.

There were times in the book where I wanted to hug Holly.  She handled her fight with Nate fairly well.  Her arguments were valid and she had every right to be upset.  If he couldn't promise her to not sleep with other women, while on the road, why should she stay with him?  It was frustrating, for me, that Nate couldn't understand her side of the story.  He was willing to give up everything just so he could continue to screw around.  I wish the author gave more background to, Samantha Rogers, Nate's hoodrat in Los Angeles.  Why couldn't he let her go?  Did he have feelings for her?  Was she good in bed?  Ugh! 

As for the whole Lance Arnold storyline, I thought it was well written.  It seemed a bit too much, at times, but it was certainly a page turner!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book!  Unlike most novels, the heroine didn't piss me off as much, and the leading male didn't use cheesy lines that made me roll my eyes.  I would recommend this book if you want to read a steamy romance novel.

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Happy New Year!

Is it already 2013?! I don't know about you, but 2012 went by too quick! I can't say much happened to me in 2012, but none the less, it was another blessed year with good health, good wealth, and happiness.  

So, last year was the first time, in a long time, that I made a New Year's Resolution.  I gave myself a goal to read at least one book a month.  I thought it was going to be a real challenge, but boy, was I wrong! I ended up reading 92 books last year! A couple books may have been short novellas, but they are still books.  Some time last March, I wanted to document the books I read and write my God honest opinion about it.  I felt like it was too late to start a blog about the books I read, so I decided to wait till the beginning of 2013 to start this new project.  I figured to spice the idea up a bit and add in a few personal blogs just so I can also document special moments this year.  

My goal, this year, is to read at least 100 books.  I figured I would have to read at least 2 books a week to reach my goal.  I hope I can do it!

Since today is January 1, I decided to dedicate my first entry to how I celebrated New Year's Eve.  

I can't wait to write my first review! Maybe I'll even review a few of the books I read last year. So, cheers to a new year! Please be kind to me, 2013.  With God's grace, I'm ready for whatever you give me.

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New Year's Toast