Saturday, January 5, 2013

Book Review: Mending (This Trilogy #2)

Author: J.B. McGee
Publshed: December 18, 2012

Summary:  Gabby has finally started to break down the walls she has worked so hard to build up from all of the heartache she has felt through the years, just as ghosts from Bradley's past begin to show themselves. Will Gabby find healthy ways to cope with the new heartache she experiences or will she go back to running from the people who pose a risk of hurting her? - Goodreads

Review:  The first chapter grabbed my attention right away!  I thought Gabby and Bradley were about to sleep together, but boy was I wrong!  The second chapter had me reading like my life depended on it!  Again, I love the smooth transitions of how the story was told in past to present, and the view points from the characters.  I have to admit, I love her relationship with her older sister, Sam.  I always wanted a sister, so I am green with envy with their close relationship.  Sam protects her, but not in a motherly way.  She lets Gabby make her own decisions and mistakes.  I love how Bradley introduced her to his friend, Ryan.  She deserves a fairytale ending too.

Unlike the first book, I wasn't as annoyed with Gabby.  I felt bad for the young woman! I would have reacted the same way as she did if I saw my boyfriend's ex-lover kissing his cheek, then tell me his ex-lover was pregnant!  Uh, Gabby had every right to be upset and put some distance between herself and Bradley.  I was glad he followed her home and kicked Ian's ass though.  He was annoying since the first book.  Also, I hope Lindsey sees how happy Gabby is with Bradley in the next book!  Such a bitch! Anyways, I couldn't stop reading this book!  I was so happy when I saw it was longer than the first book!  The ending had me smiling, but I was hoping for a little bit more.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the ending of this book, but it seemed a bit too rushed for me.  J.B., I hope Gabby and Bradley's love scene is steamy in the next book! I honestly can't wait to see who the Father of the baby is, and how everything pans out.

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