Thursday, January 3, 2013

Book Review: Hardball (Philadelphia Patriots #2)

Author: V.K. Sykes
Pages: 275
Published: June 14, 2011

Summary: After years of hard work and keeping her nose firmly to the grindstone, Dr. Holly Bell has finally achieved her dream: a position as a pediatric surgeon at a prestigious teaching hospital. Children’s lives rest in her skilled hands. That means total dedication to her work and her patients without letting anything or anyone get in the way. And a hot affair with a superstar athlete is most definitely getting in Holly’s way.

Nate Carter, star pitcher for the Philadelphia Patriots, has the world in the palm of his baseball glove. He’s at the height of his game, a west coast team is about to lure him with even greater riches, and the most gorgeous women in town are in full pursuit. Nate has everything he wants, or at least he thinks he does, until he meets the beautiful and brainy Dr. Holly Bell. He’s totally up for a hot affair, and Holly turns out to be the hottest.

But will Holly be willing to play his game? When the lovely doctor starts changing the rules, Nate realizes he just might be playing for keeps.

Review: I got this book because it was for free in the Kindle store, and the cover had me intrigued.  One of my weaknesses in life are male athletes with broad shoulders;). The beginning of the book had me bored.  All the medical terminology and her rambling about the red dots in the hospital had me yawning.  When the story picked up, I was hooked.  

Dr. Holly Bell seemed like a badass peds surgeon on the outside, but really, she's just like any other female in her 30's waiting for her Prince Charming.  She wanted to be loved and love in return.  Nate Carter. Nate, Nate, Nate! Nate is your typical playboy, man-whore athlete who, like most men out there, has fear of commitment.  Little does the public know that Nate is actually a closet antique show fan who loves to spend his time at the Philadelphia Children's Hospital.

There were times in the book where I wanted to hug Holly.  She handled her fight with Nate fairly well.  Her arguments were valid and she had every right to be upset.  If he couldn't promise her to not sleep with other women, while on the road, why should she stay with him?  It was frustrating, for me, that Nate couldn't understand her side of the story.  He was willing to give up everything just so he could continue to screw around.  I wish the author gave more background to, Samantha Rogers, Nate's hoodrat in Los Angeles.  Why couldn't he let her go?  Did he have feelings for her?  Was she good in bed?  Ugh! 

As for the whole Lance Arnold storyline, I thought it was well written.  It seemed a bit too much, at times, but it was certainly a page turner!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book!  Unlike most novels, the heroine didn't piss me off as much, and the leading male didn't use cheesy lines that made me roll my eyes.  I would recommend this book if you want to read a steamy romance novel.

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