Friday, January 4, 2013

Book Review: Broken (This Trilogy #1)

Author: J.B. McGee
Pages: 143
Published: September 28, 2012

Summary:  Gabby's life has been anything but easy. She is surrounded by friends who seem to have everything she doesn't: money, social standing, and happily married parents. While dealing with the loss of her mother, she experiences her first heartbreak. She commits herself to her studies and runs away from any emotions that aren't safe. Bradley Banks, a confident CEO and commercial architect, who has long time commitment issues forces Gabby to feel again, but will he be her next heartbreak? - Goodreads

Review:  I'm actually surprised that I enjoyed this book! I enjoyed the transitions from past to present.  I thought it was going to be confusing, but the transitions were written smoothly.  

So, besides the fact that Gabby was annoying at times, I thought this book was decent.  Bradley was hooked as soon as he laid eyes on little Miss Gabby.  Oh boy, she didn't know what was comin' for her when she locked eyes on Bradley Banks.  I know Gabby is younger than Bradley, so she can't help but act a bit immature towards him.  I was honestly squirming in my chair when she cried in front of him and told him she was a virgin.  Come on! All he wanted was a dance! Poor guy, hahaa! Well, whatever, it seems like her little episode got her a date with the man.  I'm not going to lie.  I thought it was pretty hot when he kissed her on the dance floor.  Gabby's character kind of reminded me of another character in a book trilogy I recently read- The Summer I Turned Pretty, by Jenny Han.  Gabby and Isabel "Belly" Conkin were both emotional and yet caved to everything their men had them do.  I'm not sure how I can explain it, but their characters just seem to compare to one another.

I was pretty upset at the ending of this book.  I wish it were a bit longer!  

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